roller blinds, outdoor roller blinds

Outdoor roller blinds helps in protect your windows from sunlight, regardless whether they are on a house, flat or a commercial/industrial type building. It is a very functional solution that ensure the optimal premise temperature. Besides, outdoor roller blinds are installed on the outside of the house
and can therefore be a contemporary exterior detail.

These roller blinds have some unique advantages: they are resistant to rain, effectively protect from ultraviolet sun beams.

Depending on the fabric chosen, closing the roller blinds can either result in a complete blackout or a dimmed room. Dimming fabrics are usually used in offices, conference halls or bedrooms.

Outdoor roller blinds are becoming a frequent choice by customers due to being fit for all types for plastic, wooden and metal windows. They can be fastened right next to the glass, on the wall, on the recess, on the ceiling, in sky-lights, door frames. Outdoor roller blinds are produced from anodized or painted aluminium, which makes them resistant to all weather conditions, allowing them to be used during winter.

Outdoor roller blinds can either be controlled manually or with a more convenient motorised system.

roller blinds, outdoor roller blinds